From the Coaches

My Summit Experience – Mike

mike summit

My Summit Experience By Michael Harland For the rest of this week, we will be posting blogs from each of our coaches describing their experiences and takeaways from the Perform Better Training Summit this year. I’ve read them all and love what each of them wrote, along with everything they gained from their time away.…

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Why I’m Using A Coach

why I am using a coach

Why I’m Using A Coach By Michael Harland Usually our blogs are full of educational information for our community to use, motivational information to help lift you up, or pertinent information about our facility and programs. Today I’m going to change it up a bit and get a little more personal (hope that’s ok). So…

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Client Expectations

Client Expectations By Michael Harland Recently I wrote about expectations and left out one important group of people to have expectations for… My clients. You see, they absolutely have expectations of 1. Me as a coach and 2. Our program as a whole. They want to achieve and accomplish very difficult goals. They also expect…

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Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

Summer Slim-Down Challenge! By Michael Harland Recently, we’ve heard a lot of our members mention that they wanted some help to stay on track/get back on track. So, we just decided to run a quick (5-week) summer challenge! This challenge will be open to all current training clients, along with anyone starting a trial next…

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Welcome Our Newest Coach, Kena!

Welcome Our Newest Coach, Kena! By Kena Perry My passion for fitness began as a kid playing sports, I especially fell in love with basketball and volleyball. While attending UConn I tried CrossFit and got my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in 2013. In 2016 I received my NASM Certification in Personal Training and have…

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And The Winner Is!!!

Andrea! By Michael Harland We have wanted to show off these pictures since the day they were taken! Andrea, our first place winner, did an absolutely amazing job and we couldn’t be more proud of her or happy for her. Before I give you her stats, I wanted to share something with you first. Andrea…

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2nd Place Winner – Billy

2nd Place Winner -Billy By Michael Harland What can I say… Billy crushed it! He was brand new to A|M Fitness and eager to learn and apply and work. He did have an advantage, though. He joined with his girlfriend (now fiance!) who had trained with us before. They both committed to the Best Me…

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All Children Exercise Simultaneously

All Children Exercise Simultaneously By Michael Harland Last week I was able to head back to Linden St. School in Plainville to be a part of the world’s largest exercise class. It’s called Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) and the goal is to help teach our youth about exercise and how important it is.…

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3rd Place Winner (Part 2) – Missy

Missy St Jean

3rd Place Winner (Part 2) – Missy By Michael Harland Dedication, commitment, work ethic, and a desire to be her best brought Missy into this prize. Despite a crazy nurses work schedule, she managed to get her workouts in, do some extra cardio outside of A|M Fitness, cook and prep her meals, and actually stick…

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Coaching Greatness

Coaching Greatness Recently, our staff went to a Coaching Greatness seminar. Events like this are something we try to do on a fairly regular basis and this one was definitely a good one to attend. I asked the coaches what they took away from the seminar and this is what they had to say: Spencer…

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