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Squat Hack

The squat has so many bits and pieces to it; lock the abs, tuck the hips, eyes up, chest up, shoulders back, knees in line with the toes, etc.   By LeighAnn Clark It can be a lot to try to remember all of these cues. One important detail of our squat that we tend…

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Glute Activation for Knee Pain

We focus a lot of our energy on mobility when we are preparing ourselves to train.   By LeighAnn Clark Mobility is incredibly important because we need to make sure that the muscles are ready to move through a full range of motion, but activation is a huge component as well. Typically in our class…

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Iliopsoas: The Hidden Culprit

Do you have chronic back or hip pain, that won’t go away, no matter how much you stretch and foam roll?   By Greg Hammons The hidden culprit may be a deep muscle called the iliopsoas. The iliopsoas muscle is one of our major hip flexors. When we sit for long periods of time or…

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