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Improve Your Squat

By Coach Greg. If you have ever had trouble getting into a deep squat, you are not alone. Many have trouble getting their hips low enough to maintain an upright chest position at the bottom of their squat. So to make it feel like they are getting deep they flex forward at the hip so…

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By Michael Harland. Today I want to bring up something that the coaches and I talk about a lot, overtraining. All too often we read about, see, hear, etc., of people doing too much. This isn’t their fault. It’s a problem that is growing in our industry. People are idealized for doing the newest, craziest…

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The Other Hard Part

By Michael Harland. The hard part isn’t always the workout. It’s not always the nutrition. A lot of the time, it’s the commitment. It’s easy to do things when we’re excited for them. We’re on a high and ready to take on the world at that point. What happens when the excitement wears off and…

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Shoulder Swimmer Mobility

By Coach LeighAnn This shoulder “swimmer” mobility is another way to really dig into the muscle tissues to work out the knots in order to loosen up the entire shoulder complex. Shoulder mobility is key to a lot of movements; overhead presses, push ups, even squats. Not to mention how important improving shoulder mobility is…

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Banded Bully

By Coach LeighAnn. Attach a band to a secure point; a pole, rogue rack, pull-up bars, etc. Make sure that it is attached at a higher point. Pick a thicker band that will provide you with a good amount of resistance like a yellow or purple band or higher. Hook your shoulder into the band.…

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