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Tips On A Better Plank

The plank position utilizes your entire core. That means that when you are in a plank, you are locking out not just your abdominals, but your shoulders and your glutes. Your butt is part of your core, so use it. Your eyes should be a few inches in front of your fingertips to keep your…

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Grip Strength

Do you get done with certain exercises, shake your hands out and clinch your hands for comfort? Chances are, your grip has just failed you, again. Considering that most exercises require some level of gripping, it’s no coincidence that our hands tend to give out on us the longer an exercise lasts. The thirty-five tiny…

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Push Press

The Push Press is a fantastic shoulder exercise, but it can be a difficult concept to grasp. Many of the exercises we do require us to lock into our good form and then perform. But when we add in the use of momentum to aid the rep, it moves away from what we would typically…

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