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Half Kneeling Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch

I like this because keeps tension without having to work it. Make sure that you fire (shorten) the glutes and move your body forward, lengthening out everything on the front side. I also like to add a reach in to get just a little more out of the stretch. One thing to look out for…

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The Bretzel

The Bretzel is a great exercise for opening up the entire anterior chain. It’s also very easy to complete. The video will show you how to get into position. I would just like to point out that you should watch for a rounding back, make sure your breathing continues throughout the movement, and try not…

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Band Assisted Hip Extension

Another great one to help open up those hips and fight the shortened position they’ve been in from sitting all day. Very simple as well. Simply step into a monster band and then take a kneeling position on the floor. Get the band positioned under the glute and then sit tall. From here, squeeze the…

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