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I Eat What I Want

I Eat What I Want By Michael Harland Today’s blog kind of carries on from my last one in regards to having my own meal plans and coach. One of the biggest things we hear is how hard it is to eat healthy, how there’s no variety, and how it gets boring. Why? I eat…

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My Summit Experience – Kena

My Summit Experience By Kena Perry This past weekend at the Perform Better Summit was full of great information and experiences that I look forward to using as a coach as well as in my own training. There were many inspiring and informative presenters and topics, but a few of them really stood out. Throughout…

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My Summit Experience – Spencer

My Summit Experience By Spencer Ingvertsen This past weekend was the first time I had the chance to experience The Perform Better Summit. It was honestly one of the most informational and hands-on experiences I have ever had. I am honored to have been able to attend this event. I learned more and more with…

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My Summit Experience – Greg

My Summit Experience By Greg Hammons Another year and another great experience at the Perform Better Summit. I really love going to the summit. When I first started in the field it was a crazy wealth of new information. Things I would get so excited for I’d try to do everything at once, but as…

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My Summit Experience – Nicole

My Summit Experience By Nicole Riley This was my first time attending a Perform Better Summit. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited to join the team and ready to learn new things. The 3 days were filled with hands-on sessions and lectures that were informative and motivational. Here are a couple…

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My Summit Experience – LeighAnn

My Summit Experience By LeighAnn Clark The Perform Better Summit this year was a great experience, as always, with so many amazing speakers and so much information. It’s hard to know where to begin. I didn’t just learn things that I could use for coaching or for programming, but I also learned things I could…

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A Totally Different Transformation

Deb using the Battle Ropes

A Totally Different Transformation By Michael Harland Today we are still going to post-transformation pictures, but today they are of our pregnant clients! We just wanted to take a second to recognize them for their dedication to health and wellness. We also wanted them to know that we are all anxiously awaiting to be flooded…

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My Summit Experience – Mike

mike summit

My Summit Experience By Michael Harland For the rest of this week, we will be posting blogs from each of our coaches describing their experiences and takeaways from the Perform Better Training Summit this year. I’ve read them all and love what each of them wrote, along with everything they gained from their time away.…

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Jay’s Amazing Transformation!

Jay's body transformation with AM Fitness

Jay’s Amazing Transformation! By Michael Harland Here’s a personal one for me. I’ve known Jay for probably 20 years. His brother and I were best friends and we all were out running around and getting in trouble together. Well, I talked to Jay about fitness and nutrition one day and he said he was ready…

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