My Summit Experience – Kena

My Summit Experience

By Kena Perry

This past weekend at the Perform Better Summit was full of great information and experiences that I look forward to using as a coach as well as in my own training. There were many inspiring and informative presenters and topics, but a few of them really stood out.

Throughout the weekend, there was a common theme in a few of the seminars about proper breathing and rib kinematics. I learned the importance of rib and pelvis alignment and how it affects our mobility, posture, and movement patterns. In a couple of the seminars by Dana Santas and Greg Rose, they talked about the importance of breathing and aligning the ribs and pelvis in order to improve mobility.

Another engaging seminar that I attended was on the importance of sleep by Brandon Marcello. One of the main things that he covered was that sleep is the foundation of health and fitness, it’s even more important than nutrition and movement. Sleep impacts cognitive, physical, social, and emotional human performance domains. Sleep also has an effect on brain health, regulates hormones and aids in recovery.

I’m excited to put into practice a few of the tools that I learned as well as continue to research and learn more about rib kinematics and sleep.








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