Small Group Training

Small Group Training is where we start to
take our training to the next level.

Make The most of your workout

Once you have decided to join Small Group Training, you will have to commit to one of the available time slots. Small Group Training members meet twice per week and your sessions will last around 50 minutes per workout.

With a cap of 8 people, and always the same participants, we can program using a more advanced exercise selection, along with different training implements. We will provide you with the programming, as well as tracking sheets to monitor and track your progress throughout each 5-week training phase.

When you participate in our Small Group Training program you also get our Large Group Training program included, which means you will have 6 days a week to train at A|M Fitness.

Small group training facility

During your session, you will use our 2,200 square foot training area, located behind the Large Group Training section. This includes a 50-foot stretch of turf and several different types of sleds, tires, and more to use. We also use squat and power racks, Olympic barbell sets for heavier lifting exercises, and several pieces of cardio equipment that include Airdyne bikes, rowers, and Jacob’s Ladder to round out your training experience.

Rest in 3, 2, 1

During week 5, also known as Recovery Week, Small Group Training members test their progress. They are encouraged to do an InBody body composition scan (that is included in their membership) to see how their bodies are changing. Small Group Training members will also take the A|M Fitness Metabolic Endurance Test and one rep max testing on 3 major lifts.


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