Just Jess

Just Jess

By Mike Harland.

Jessica was a new client for us. She started with a trial and the Best Me Yet program. She was a hard worker, stayed on track, and did everything she was supposed to do. However, you could tell she wasn’t completely “bought-in” on our program. Regardless, she trained and kept her nutrition on track. 

Jessica had to overcome a bunch of obstacles, though. She’s a single mom, which is extremely time consuming. She is also a nurse practitioner and works the craziest of hours. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it… but she does and you will never hear her complaining or being negative. 

A few weeks into the program she made the decision to become a member of A|M Fitness and has now been with us for almost a year now! She ended up completing the Best Me Yet program, lost roughly 9 pounds and 4.1% of her total body fat mass. 

Jess is an inspiration and a true pleasure to have as a client. Great job, Jess!

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