Best Me Yet Results, Stephanie

Best Me Yet Results, Stephanie By Kena Perry. Member: Stephanie Balint Stephanie Balint experienced great results over the course of the 10 week Best Me Yet challenge. She lost a total of 13.4 lbs of body weight. She lost 13.6 lbs of body fat mass and was able to decrease her body fat percentage by…

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Best Me Yet Results, Ali

Best Me Yet Results, Ali By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Ali Wuchert Ali was having a little trouble sticking to her meal plans initially with a few life events that got in the way, but she told me it was important to her to find a way to stay on track, and so started her journey.…

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Best Me Yet Results, Magdalena

Best Me Yet Results, Magdalena By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Magdalena Tokanewski. Magdalena is a nursing student, and as she was making the decision whether or not to participate in our Best Me Yet program, as she was about to start her APRN classes. She was concerned that with such a busy schedule she would struggle…

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Best Me Yet Results, Bettye Jo

Best Me Yet Results, Bettye Jo By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Bettye Jo Mackiewicz. Bettye Jo is an interesting participant because it actually took her awhile to buy into the whole process. Like so many, she started off following the program with some doubts. She was concerned she was eating too much food; she wasn’t seeing…

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Best Me Yet Results, Christine

Best Me Yet Results, Christine By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Christine Cajigas. Her standout performance did not just come from the number change on the scale. Christine had a couple of moments where she fell off, ate food she wasn’t supposed to, on a day she wasn’t planning her cheat meal. She allowed herself to be…

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Jamie’s Story

When I first came to A|M Fitness, it was for the 5-week trial. I had been contemplating the gym for over a year before I actually signed up for an orientation. I decided to do it because my friend that was a current a member urged me to sign up. So I came in thinking…

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5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds

5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds By Michael Harland “Your gym is so far!” Well, Southington, CT client Melissa seems to think the drive to Plainville isn’t that bad. Especially after losing 15.7 pounds in only 5 weeks! Let’s start back from the beginning… Melissa actually did a trial with us a couple of years ago.…

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44 Pounds and Lifting Heavy Shhh!

Confident strong women

44 Pounds and Lifting Heavy Shhh! By Michael Harland Meet Stacy, she’s a fairly new member and has trusted us on her health and fitness journey. Let’s start with what she said in a recent email to Mike during the Summer Slimdown: “The day of my orientation I had come from my doctor’s office, and…

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A Totally Different Transformation

Deb using the Battle Ropes

A Totally Different Transformation By Michael Harland Today we are still going to post-transformation pictures, but today they are of our pregnant clients! We just wanted to take a second to recognize them for their dedication to health and wellness. We also wanted them to know that we are all anxiously awaiting to be flooded…

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Jay’s Amazing Transformation!

Jay's body transformation with AM Fitness

Jay’s Amazing Transformation! By Michael Harland Here’s a personal one for me. I’ve known Jay for probably 20 years. His brother and I were best friends and we all were out running around and getting in trouble together. Well, I talked to Jay about fitness and nutrition one day and he said he was ready…

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