Jamie’s Story

When I first came to A|M Fitness, it was for the 5-week trial. I had been contemplating the gym for over a year before I actually signed up for an orientation. I decided to do it because my friend that was a current a member urged me to sign up. So I came in thinking…

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5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds

5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds By Michael Harland “Your gym is so far!” Well, Southington, CT client Melissa seems to think the drive to Plainville isn’t that bad. Especially after losing 15.7 pounds in only 5 weeks! Let’s start back from the beginning… Melissa actually did a trial with us a couple of years ago.…

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44 Pounds and Lifting Heavy Shhh!

Confident strong women

44 Pounds and Lifting Heavy Shhh! By Michael Harland Meet Stacy, she’s a fairly new member and has trusted us on her health and fitness journey. Let’s start with what she said in a recent email to Mike during the Summer Slimdown: “The day of my orientation I had come from my doctor’s office, and…

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A Totally Different Transformation

Deb using the Battle Ropes

A Totally Different Transformation By Michael Harland Today we are still going to post-transformation pictures, but today they are of our pregnant clients! We just wanted to take a second to recognize them for their dedication to health and wellness. We also wanted them to know that we are all anxiously awaiting to be flooded…

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Jay’s Amazing Transformation!

Jay's body transformation with AM Fitness

Jay’s Amazing Transformation! By Michael Harland Here’s a personal one for me. I’ve known Jay for probably 20 years. His brother and I were best friends and we all were out running around and getting in trouble together. Well, I talked to Jay about fitness and nutrition one day and he said he was ready…

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Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story

Mike showing off his results from AM Fitness

Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story By Michael Harland Today we’re going to share a pretty incredible transformation. Mike, a fairly new member, has joined us and busted his ass since the beginning. He was always willing to learn, take criticism, and grow from it. That, along with a huge level of commitment to “the lifestyle” has…

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10 Pounds Looks Like This!

10 Pounds Looks Like This! By Michael Harland A client of our shared some transformation photos recently and we wanted to share them with the rest of our community. Britney, a fairly new member, has lost 10 pounds since joining! I wish we could have done an InBody body composition scan because we can clearly…

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Jen’s Transformation!

Jen showing off her results from AM fitness

Jen’s Transformation! By Michael Harland Today’s transformation is someone that started with our Best Me Yet program and has continued training with us, even taking the next step and joining our Small Group Training program. The pictures below speak for themselves, but I’d like to break down the amazing numbers she’s been able to achieve.…

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Kara’s Transformation!

Kara’s Transformation! By Michael Harland A few weeks back we announced our Best Me Yet winners. Since then, we’ve been publishing other participants results and wanted to share Kara. She and her boyfriend (now fiance!) did the program together. Now, I could sit and write a bunch of stuff about this, but here’s what her…

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Kathy’s Transformation!

Kathy’s Transformation! By Michael Harland We’ve recently announced all of the winners for Best Me Yet and now wanted to recognize some of our other standout participants. Kathy was a new member to us and joined with her friend. Over the course of the 10-week program, Kathy was able to lose 10 pounds of total…

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