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Bench Press Tips

Bench Press Tips By Greg Hammons   The bench press is one of the most used and beneficial exercises in any exercise program. Its great for building overall upper body strength, but only if its done safely. If you are noticing shoulder pain after benching or limiting your progress you are probably out of position.…

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Is It Your Pecs?

Is It Your Pecs? By LeighAnn Clark   You may have never paid much attention to your pectoralis major and minor muscles outside of being instructed to perform a chest press. What you may not realize is how important a role they play in other movement patterns. Some of us who experience difficulty with our…

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Planks and Breathing?

Planks and Breathing? By Greg Hammons Planks are awesome exercises to create core stability, which intern creates overall performance gains. But are you getting all you can from your plank? If you find it difficult to breathe and maintain a tight position, most likely you are missing out on some key elements of the exercise.…

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Let’s Build A House Together

Wait, what?   By Mike Harland I like analogies. I like comparing things and hope that it can help someone to see things a different way. When it comes to fitness, I find it’s very important to do this. So, today let’s build our house of goals. What do I mean by this? Well, I’m…

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