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Why I’m Using A Coach

why I am using a coach

Why I’m Using A Coach By Michael Harland Usually our blogs are full of educational information for our community to use, motivational information to help lift you up, or pertinent information about our facility and programs. Today I’m going to change it up a bit and get a little more personal (hope that’s ok). So…

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Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story

Mike showing off his results from AM Fitness

Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story By Michael Harland Today we’re going to share a pretty incredible transformation. Mike, a fairly new member, has joined us and busted his ass since the beginning. He was always willing to learn, take criticism, and grow from it. That, along with a huge level of commitment to “the lifestyle” has…

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The 3 Biggest Lies!


The 3 Biggest Lies! By Greg Hammons You have been going to the gym consistently but things aren’t moving as fast or in the direction you want. Is it the workout (not likely), is it the nutrition (possibly), or is it the way you approach your entire fitness experience? Get your mindset right and your…

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10 Pounds Looks Like This!

10 Pounds Looks Like This! By Michael Harland A client of our shared some transformation photos recently and we wanted to share them with the rest of our community. Britney, a fairly new member, has lost 10 pounds since joining! I wish we could have done an InBody body composition scan because we can clearly…

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Client Expectations

Client Expectations By Michael Harland Recently I wrote about expectations and left out one important group of people to have expectations for… My clients. You see, they absolutely have expectations of 1. Me as a coach and 2. Our program as a whole. They want to achieve and accomplish very difficult goals. They also expect…

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Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

Summer Slim-Down Challenge! By Michael Harland Recently, we’ve heard a lot of our members mention that they wanted some help to stay on track/get back on track. So, we just decided to run a quick (5-week) summer challenge! This challenge will be open to all current training clients, along with anyone starting a trial next…

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Strength Gains, What It Really Takes

Strength Gains, What It Really Takes By Greg Hammons Its all about those gains, right?!? Well, strength gains don’t always come the way you expect. Check out the video to learn more about true gains and what it really takes to get them!              

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Jen’s Transformation!

Jen showing off her results from AM fitness

Jen’s Transformation! By Michael Harland Today’s transformation is someone that started with our Best Me Yet program and has continued training with us, even taking the next step and joining our Small Group Training program. The pictures below speak for themselves, but I’d like to break down the amazing numbers she’s been able to achieve.…

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Activation For Healthy Shoulders

Activation For Healthy Shoulders By LeighAnn Clark Do you experience pain or lack of mobility in your shoulders? If you do, activation could be the answer to cleaning that up. Check out my video on how to achieve pain-free and more mobile shoulders!                    

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Pain In The Neck?!

Pain In The Neck?! By Greg Hammons If you have ever sat at a desk you have probably felt that achy burning in the back of your shoulder and neck. And, like most people, you have probably tried to relieve it by rubbing it or rolling it, but soon after it comes right back. The…

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