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The IT Band Fix

With the nice weather more and more people start running, and more and more people come in with IT band tightness. If you are one of those people check out the video to find out what you can do to help relieve that pain and tightness.

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Lat Mobility With Distraction

Give this mobility drill a try! We use the foam roller quite frequently, but the addition of the band adds some joint distraction and stretches the muscle a little further. It also elevates your hand so you don’t have to activate the muscle to do so. Check out Coach LeighAnn’s video to see how it’s…

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Why I’m Using A Coach

why I am using a coach

Why I’m Using A Coach By Michael Harland Usually our blogs are full of educational information for our community to use, motivational information to help lift you up, or pertinent information about our facility and programs. Today I’m going to change it up a bit and get a little more personal (hope that’s ok). So…

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Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story

Mike showing off his results from AM Fitness

Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story By Michael Harland Today we’re going to share a pretty incredible transformation. Mike, a fairly new member, has joined us and busted his ass since the beginning. He was always willing to learn, take criticism, and grow from it. That, along with a huge level of commitment to “the lifestyle” has…

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The 3 Biggest Lies!


The 3 Biggest Lies! By Greg Hammons You have been going to the gym consistently but things aren’t moving as fast or in the direction you want. Is it the workout (not likely), is it the nutrition (possibly), or is it the way you approach your entire fitness experience? Get your mindset right and your…

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10 Pounds Looks Like This!

10 Pounds Looks Like This! By Michael Harland A client of our shared some transformation photos recently and we wanted to share them with the rest of our community. Britney, a fairly new member, has lost 10 pounds since joining! I wish we could have done an InBody body composition scan because we can clearly…

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