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Successful Goal Setting

A client recently asked me to help with setting some goals. By Mike Harland This also prompted me to speak about successful goal setting strategies with our upcoming trial members and then I thought it would be a good idea to speak about it here. Too often we get fixated on our long-term goals, which…

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Shoulder IR

Shoulder Internal Rotation (IR) is a key piece of mobility that a lot of us are missing but we don’t necessarily know it. By LeighAnn Clark If you aren’t sure whether your IR is lacking, test out the S mobility drill and check out the range of motion in your bottom arm. The goal is…

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Breathing Hack Part 1

One of the biggest struggles we see with our clients is their recovery time. By Mike Harland We tend to have a great difficulty catching our breath and one of the reasons is that we simply aren’t breathing right. We have a very shallow breath and it’s usually taken at a very rapid pace. Since…

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Desk Hack 2

Working at a desk all day long can take a toll on many parts of our body. By LeighAnn Clark The shoulders are one such place that get hit the hardest. Most of us know that we don’t sit in a good position when we are at our desk all day, but we don’t always…

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1,200 Square Feet Later

Recently we added roughly 1,200 square feet of training space, as well as renovated and added to our current training floor. By Mike Harland Below we will post some pictures, but I’d also like to share what the ultimate goal of the expansion was. Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to make…

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Ankle Mobility

We talk a lot about improving hip mobility but sometimes we don’t think about how important the ankles are. By LeighAnn Clark Squats are one of our most used and most important movement patterns. Building mobility in our ankles will help us to improve our range of motion in our squats so we can squat…

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