Desk Hack 2

Working at a desk all day long can take a toll on many parts of our body.

By LeighAnn Clark

The shoulders are one such place that get hit the hardest. Most of us know that we don’t sit in a good position when we are at our desk all day, but we don’t always fix it. Why not? Though it can be such an easy fix to pull the shoulders back and straighten out the back, some of us don’t know how best to get into this position because we’re so trained to lean over the desk.

Check out my video for two easy way to lock the shoulders and the lats behind you to help you stay in a good upright position. Try them out anytime you’re working at your computer, whether sitting or standing, and use them to help you reset the position every once in a while when you notice you’ve started to slip back into old habits. Here they are!

Desk Hack 2

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