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Transformation Tuesday

By Debbie Krauch. Is A|M Fitness a lifestyle? An addiction? A form of punishment? All of the above for me. A|M happens to be half way between my work and home. I drove back and forth every day for a year or so. In January, 2014, I finally looked them up online and, always looking…

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Your transformation starts now!

We have a question for you? How would you like to work with a fitness professional every time you step into the gym? How would you like structured meal plans exclusively created? How about check-ins and weigh-ins to keep you on track and on target? Check out www.amfitnessonline.com for more! Best Me Yet Transformation Challenge…

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New Years Challenge is back!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of our Best Me Yet 2.0 ~ Meals plans created by a dietitian specifically for this program ~ Unlimited training sessions, always lead by one of our Transformation Coaches ~ Workshops to put it all together and make sure you understand everything ~ Unlimited access to a…

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BEST ME YET Transformation Challenge is back!

Best Me Yet 2.0 is here! Starts: January 18, 2016 – March 26, 2016 Last year we brought you the first installment of our “Best Me Yet” transformation challenge. We saw MAJOR success with our winners losing the most weight and inches of any program we have ever run! Sarah lost 31.8 pounds and 26.5…

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Be Proud Of Yourself

By Michael Harland. That’s right, enjoy your accomplishments. Understand your growth. Be proud of all that you are. A lot of people take on the new year focusing on the future, but without the past we don’t know where we need to focus our efforts. So I want you to look back on the past…

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