Transformation Tuesday

transformation_tuesday_debBy Debbie Krauch.

Is A|M Fitness a lifestyle? An addiction? A form of punishment? All of the above for me. A|M happens to be half way between my work and home. I drove back and forth every day for a year or so. In January, 2014, I finally looked them up online and, always looking for a deal, I signed up for a trial membership for $29. Can’t go wrong for that price! I was sore for days after the orientation.

I’ve been sore ever since.

My family history is not good. My dad passed away at 49 and my mom at 63. Filling out the family medical history at doctors’ offices is quite tedious. Checking yes for cancer, thryroid, diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure really opens your eyes as to what could be in your future. I’ve been on cholesterol meds for 15 years now. As I began to close in on age 49, I started thinking, “No it’s too soon, that’s not enough time to live my life.” I need to do something about this.

Like a lot of people, I tried different forms of exercise. Nothing ever stuck because I don’t push myself. Oh, I would walk in the neighborhood and do a few laps, barely breaking a sweat. I tried another gym years ago, tried to get in a routine, and when I started to perspire, I thought, well that’s good enough. Well, it wasn’t. I soon got bored, didn’t see results, and I gave up.

Diet and exercise is always on my mind… every hour of every day. I know what I should be doing and I know what I should not be doing. I like sweets, I like snacks, and I like my drinks! Implementing healthy choices into my life and following through is not easy. I want to look good, but more importantly I want to be stronger and healthier.

At first when I joined A|M, I cried… a lot. I would walk into my house after working out, my husband would look at me, and I’d burst into tears, shaking from exhaustion and pain. Sometimes I wouldn’t even make it home without crying. I wanted to give up. But I didn’t give up… because after a mere 6 months I saw amazing results.

Then, in July, 2014, my right wrist was giving me problems due to a repetitive work injury. I couldn’t move my thumb or wrist which made it impossible to continue at the gym. After ineffective treatment and ultimate surgery I was able to return after 6 months in January, 2015.

Those 6 months without A|M, I saw all my hard work go down the drain. I fell into old habits. I had no drive to do anything on my own. I got lazy. I got mushy. I got mad at myself. So I went back with a vengeance, working out 5 times a week.

I haven’t lost more than a few pounds but I’m back to seeing results. I even had the confidence to sign up for Warrior Dash 2016 and my first Best Me Yet challenge. But more importantly, I don’t think I could voluntarily stop going to this gym. Mike is a driven, ambitious person, infusing his love of fitness and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle into his members.

All of the coaches are inspiring and motivational. The A|M fitfam though. I have made many, many friends who encourage each other, laugh with each other, and leave some pretty good sweat angels all over the floor.

I’m looking forward to an even better 2016 as an A|M member!

Published on: Jan 11, 2016

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