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Everyday Is Chest Day

Everyday is chest day.   Soooo yeah, about that… By: Coach Mike Harland When I was younger I hit a point where I wanted to get in shape. School was over, my lifestyle habits were shit, and it showed. Going from a childhood full of sports and activity to McDonald’s and hanging out was beginning…

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Fix a Winging Scapula

Your shoulder blades are more important than you may realize.   The movement of your scapula is responsible for the final 1/3 of the movement of your arms overhead. That means if you have a winging scapula you are missing out on some very important range of motion! The problem is almost always created by…

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Healthy Eating Fun

What’s one of the hardest things for someone making big lifestyle changes? Nutrition. Getting an understanding of what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to cook it, etc.   Let’s fast forward through the learning phase of it all and assume we’re ready to eat what we’re supposed to, when we’re supposed…

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Squat Tip: Chest Up

There are a lot of pieces to our squat and a ton of ways to improve our squat form, as well as depth and strength.   One common mistake we tend to make is allowing the chest to fall too far forward. We need the chest to come forward a little to be in a…

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Quad Stretch

We’re always working toward building up our mobility, whether in our ankles, hips, etc.   These are all important to focus on, but sometimes we find we have some tightness in muscles that we haven’t talked about as much, and you may not know the best way to get after those muscles. One muscle group…

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