Top 5 Ways to Keep Healthy Eating Fun

What’s one of the hardest things for someone making big lifestyle changes? Nutrition. Getting an understanding of what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to cook it, etc.


Let’s fast forward through the learning phase of it all and assume we’re ready to eat what we’re supposed to, when we’re supposed to. The next difficulty becomes “I’m tired of eating the same thing”.

Have you ever felt or said that? Yeah, me too… So here are 5 of my favorite ways to keep my eating fun:

1. Varying Fats Fats are full of flavor. Since they have tons of options, fats are an easy one for me change at each meal. I eat a total of 5 meals each day – Here’s how I’ll use them with each meal:

Meal 1 – Peanut butter (in my oats)
Meal 2 – Cheese (on an egg sandwich)
Meal 3 – Infused olive oil in a pasta or rice dish
Meal 4 – Guacamole spread over one of my food items
Meal 5 – The type of protein I’m eating; hamburger, steak, pork

That’s the simple breakdown. Within everything listed above, there are still multiple ways modify your meals. The olive oil for me has become a big variant, as I can use a different flavor every single day.

2. Varying Seasonings – Seasoning can help to keep your food fresh and tasty, and there are a million of them out there. Simple salt and pepper will go a long way, but picking up some Flavor God seasonings will get you to the next level with taste options.

3. The Way You Cook – Let’s use chicken as an example. I can bake, broil, grill, or fry my chicken with some olive oil. All of these different ways give the same piece of chicken a much different flavor profile, while allowing my taste buds some enjoyment each day.

4. Mixing Your Food – I can put that same piece of chicken in bread for a sandwich, in rice for a little stir fry, in pasta with some veggies, on the side of a sweet potato with salad or veggies, or a million other combinations. Again, this is just for the sake of variety. The combinations are endless.

5. The Type of Protein – Referring back to meal 5, varying the protein is a huge one for me. When I was younger I didn’t know how to cook anything. My meals were literally plain baked chicken and broccoli. Now I make sure that I have a large variety of protein options and change them every single meal. Staples for me are (of course) chicken, chicken or turkey sausage, ground chicken or turkey – made 2 different ways; ground or burger form, steak, pork, and a seafood option once or twice a week.

With all of these options, I can have a different meal every meal all week. It doesn’t get boring and the more I play with my ingredients, the better my meals become. So next time you’re in the kitchen, start experimenting and have some fun cooking!

Published on: Jul 18, 2017
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