Squat Tip: Chest Up

There are a lot of pieces to our squat and a ton of ways to improve our squat form, as well as depth and strength.


One common mistake we tend to make is allowing the chest to fall too far forward. We need the chest to come forward a little to be in a good position, however we do not want to collapse and fold in half. We can reinforce the chest staying tall by squatting in front of a wall. This will force us to keep the chest up tall because we will avoid as hard as we can putting our face into the wall.

If we are new to squatting, this is a great way to learn about how we squat and to reinforce proper form. If you’ve been squatting for a while, it’s a great technique for you to use to make sure that you have been squatting properly and will continue to do so. This can be used during a workout or as a technique outside of class to practice your bodyweight squats. However, if we are finding that our form is suffering in other ways, we have to address these problems as well, to ensure that we have good mobility while squatting and that we are using a proper range of motion.

For more tips on how to foam roll and stretch to increase mobility and ROM correctly, check out some of your coaches videos on hip and ankle mobility!

Squat Tip: Chest Up


Published on: Jul 13, 2017
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