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Best Me Yet Results, Magdalena

Best Me Yet Results, Magdalena By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Magdalena Tokanewski. Magdalena is a nursing student, and as she was making the decision whether or not to participate in our Best Me Yet program, as she was about to start her APRN classes. She was concerned that with such a busy schedule she would struggle…

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Why I Relay – Claire

Why I Relay – Claire Last year, Mike asked me to write a post about “Why I Relay.” I actually found the post on my phone and re-read it. It actually brought tears to my eyes… so much emotion! But it also made me mad. Why mad? Because I actually never attended the Relay For…

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Best Me Yet Results, Bettye Jo

Best Me Yet Results, Bettye Jo By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Bettye Jo Mackiewicz. Bettye Jo is an interesting participant because it actually took her awhile to buy into the whole process. Like so many, she started off following the program with some doubts. She was concerned she was eating too much food; she wasn’t seeing…

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Why I Relay – Maria

Why I Relay – Maria My name is Maria Aparo, and I came to A|M Fitness in January 2019 as a Best Me Yet participant. Once I realized the dedication that Mike has for Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer survivors I knew I was in the right place. One of the many reasons why I…

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Best Me Yet Results, Christine

Best Me Yet Results, Christine By LeighAnn Clark. Member: Christine Cajigas. Her standout performance did not just come from the number change on the scale. Christine had a couple of moments where she fell off, ate food she wasn’t supposed to, on a day she wasn’t planning her cheat meal. She allowed herself to be…

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Why I Relay – Christine

Why I Relay – Christine By Christine . This year I relay for quite a few people. First is my dad he lost his battle with lung cancer in April 2015 and other complications. Also my sister in law was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have lost several co-workers, One continues to fight and…

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