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Active Core

Whether you’re in the gym swinging a kettlebell or at home picking up your children, the ability to activate your core muscles, like your abs, will determine how well you can perform the task at hand, and how well you move the next day.   By LeighAnn Clark All too often, we forget this piece;…

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Dynamic Warm-up Tips

Today Coach Greg discusses a few important things to remember during the warm-up process.   By Greg Hammons Check out the video for key points on how to avoid injuring yourself, tightening the muscles further, and getting more out of the warm-up in general. Dynamic Warm-up Tips

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Best Exercise Your Young Athletes Aren’t Doing

Do you have a child or children currently enrolled in a sports program or activity?   By Greg Hammons Today Coach Greg takes us through an easy to do exercise, along with progressions for your young athlete!       Best Exercise Your Young Althetes Aren’t Doing

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Elbow Pain / Forearm Fix

More often than not, when someone experiences elbow pain, this is actually a symptom of a different problem.   By LeighAnn Clark This doesn’t apply to everyone, some people truly have functional problems at the elbow, but the majority of us who move every day will experience elbow pain for a different reason. That reason…

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Kettlebell Intensity

Kettlebells are great metabolic tools, but when trying to increase the challenge of our swings its not always about weight, especially in a timed workout.   By Greg Hammons To really get the most out of a given load with swings you should be able to control the intensity of the swing. Meaning being able…

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Best Me Yet: Steven

My time at A|M fitness has been a great experience. Having good coaching has been amazing.   By Steven They put together a serious program and a great message. They teach you proper form and movement, they are always there to answer any questions, and have been paramount in my transformation. The members have been…

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