Active Core

Whether you’re in the gym swinging a kettlebell or at home picking up your children, the ability to activate your core muscles, like your abs, will determine how well you can perform the task at hand, and how well you move the next day.


By LeighAnn Clark

All too often, we forget this piece; but without an active core, we run the risk of hurting our back by using it when we weren’t supposed to. More often than not, it’s not even in the gym that we experience a problem because we’re much more cognizant of our movement patterns and what muscles to use. When we go home, we don’t make the connection that we use the same movement patterns to make the bed, reach into a cabinet, hold our children.

But how do we activate the abs? Most people think it means to pull the navel into the spine, effectively “sucking in,” when what we really need to do is to push out. Check out my video to better understand how to activate your abs!

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