Elbow Pain / Forearm Fix

More often than not, when someone experiences elbow pain, this is actually a symptom of a different problem.


By LeighAnn Clark

This doesn’t apply to everyone, some people truly have functional problems at the elbow, but the majority of us who move every day will experience elbow pain for a different reason. That reason is typically caused by a tightness in the forearms.

We talk about everything being connected, and in this case, that logic stands. Training time alone, we pick up kettlebells, we row with the jungle gyms, we squat while holding dumbbells. As coaches, we coach up to keep the grip light, no “death grip” involving the thumbs. Sometimes though we still grip as hard as we can, whether because we’re afraid of letting go or simply forget that a tight grip is not necessary. And outside of the gym, we’re writing and typing all day long. With all of this activity in our forearms, they’re bound to get tight. But unlike our calves or our hips which we show a lot of love and attention every day, we don’t think about the forearms the same way. But we should. The forearms are used in our everyday lives and we need to make sure that they’re being taken care of. If we don’t, these tightnesses are bound to start pulling on our joints, and before you know it, painful elbows are a new reality.

Elbow Pain / Forearm Fix