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4 Years Later, a Reminder

I know it doesn’t seem it…especially with all the corrections I need…but it has been 4 years! Came across a letter that I wrote to you about a year in and it all still applies.   By Hanna Mike, I have been thinking about this for awhile. When burpees showed back up this session, I…

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Jay’s Official List of Grievances

Since joining AM Fitness in February I’ve read all of the happy-happy, joy-joy posts about how great AM Fitness is.   By Jay Friedman Mike, People keep writing to you telling stories about how they lost weight, they feel better, they have more energy, their lives have been turned around, Jill is so great, you…

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Shoulder Stabilization Exercises

If you think you have a winging scapula you’re probably wrong.   By Greg Hammons A true wing is due to a neurologic injury. More than likely what’s going on is you have an underachieving Serratus Anterior, causing your shoulder blade to get a little funky when you press. Here we will go over a…

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Wrist Mobility

Ever drop out of a plank or stop doing push ups, not because your core or your upper body was tired but because your wrists just weren’t having it?   By Greg Hammons Sometimes to make sure we can keep getting stronger we have to make sure our joints have the ROM to keep up…

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Hamstring Stretch

Our warmups sometimes include a hamstring stretch, one that is very much needed by the majority of us.   By LeighAnn Clark It’s a fantastic stretch, but are we doing it right? When we use this stretch, we need to use something called Reciprocal Inhibition. This essentially means that if one muscle is active, the…

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