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Barbell Front vs Back Squat

Barbell Front vs Back Squat By LeighAnn Clark. We talk a lot about how different aspects can affect your form in a squat. Usually, we talk about mobility, sometimes we talk about different implements, sometimes we talk about anatomy. In this video, we are going to discuss how the type of squat that you chose…

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Ankle Mobility – How To Squat Deeper

Ankle Mobility – How To Squat Deeper By LeighAnn Clark. The best squat is the one that has as much good range of motion as possible; in other words, how low can you squat without losing form? Ankle mobility is one of the major factors that affect your squat. So how can we tell if…

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SMR Shoulder Internal Rotation

SMR Shoulder Internal Rotation By LeighAnn Clark. Shoulder mobility is a huge topic of discussion and it is incredibly important. Many of us have shoulder pain and limited mobility, in general, due to our work. Whether it is sitting at a desk with our shoulders rounded and pulled up into our neck, or if we…

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Have You Met Nicole Yet?

Have You Meet Nicole Yet? By Nicole Riley. How did I land here at A|M Fitness you ask? Well, almost 2 years ago I finally bit the bullet and registered for my personal training certification. I studied for the course during all of my free time and officially became a personal trainer about 6 months…

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The Reality of Strength Gains

The Reality of Strength Gains By Kena Perry We live in a fast paced, “get it done yesterday” society. We’re always in a hurry to get somewhere or do something, and when it comes to fitness it’s no different. Everyone wants to achieve their goals yesterday, whatever it may be- weight loss, strength gains, body…

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