4 Steps To Results

4 Steps To Results

By Michael Harland

Here’s the thing… I don’t need my clients to do the toughest exercises, change up their workouts every single day, spend 3 hours in the gym every workout, or anything crazy to achieve great results.


I need them to do the same things consistently, with a solid effort level, and a commitment to their goals above anything else.

It really is this simple:

Show up,

Work hard,

Recover well,

Do it again.

Those things apply to all aspects of the fitness journey (nutrition, sleep, stress, etc…), not just the actual workout. How do you “show up” in regards to sleep? That’s simple, you establish a routine that allows you to get to bed on time every night. You set the time, you set the routine (last meal, brush teeth, put down technology, etc…), and you stick to that.

The best results come from consistency. Not from pills, not from shakes, not from anything other than showing up for yourself day after day.

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