Jen’s Transformation!

Jen’s Transformation!

By Michael Harland

Today’s transformation is someone that started with our Best Me Yet program and has continued training with us, even taking the next step and joining our Small Group Training program. The pictures below speak for themselves, but I’d like to break down the amazing numbers she’s been able to achieve.

During the program, Jen managed to lose a total of 14.1 pounds. During the final 5 weeks of the program, she had actually managed to add almost 2 pounds of muscle, which makes her actual body composition changes more than we could hope for.

Since then, and while participating in our Small Group Training program, Jen’s weight has actually stayed exactly the same. Why? Well, she has decreased her overall body fat percentage by another 3.3% and increased her skeletal muscle mass by 4 pounds!

So what can a good exercise program, proper nutrition, and dedication do for you? It can truly change your body composition in the best way possible.


Amazing job, Jen!
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