Everyday Is Chest Day

Everyday is chest day.


Soooo yeah, about that…

By: Coach Mike Harland

When I was younger I hit a point where I wanted to get in shape. School was over, my lifestyle habits were shit, and it showed.

Going from a childhood full of sports and activity to McDonald’s and hanging out was beginning to show (a lot).

I needed a change.

The thing is, I had no idea where to start. I knew I should join a gym, but not what to do once o got there.

I knew what healthy foods were, but had no idea how to cook them.

I started by trying a couple of different free trials with some friends that “knew what they were doing”. They just kicked the snot out of me.

Not fun.

I gave up.

More time passed.

I felt worse.

And finally, I just signed up for a gym.

I walked on the treadmill since that was self explanatory. While I was on there I watched what other people were doing. I then started to do the things the people that were in the best shape did. Or the things I watched trainers do with their clients.

Has to work, right?

So I did what I saw everyone else doing; bench press… Incline bench press… Decline bench press… More bench presses…

I also did bicep curls.

Lots of them….

But that was all I knew how to do. So I continued to do it.

Well years later (no, I won’t say how many. Don’t start guessing how old I am either!) and choosing this as my profession, I understand all that was wrong with that.

Sound familiar?

If so, why go through that?

A|M Fitness provides a program that is safe, effective and has a proven track record of success (check out our transformation tabs).


We also have a highly educated coaching staff, with years of coaching under our belts.

Lastly, we have an inviting community atmosphere, where our clients help our other clients to enjoy their time and stay committed.

So, if you’d like a little help getting to your goals, just say the word and we will be here for you.


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