Be Proud Of Yourself

be_proud_of_yourselfBy Michael Harland.

That’s right, enjoy your accomplishments.

Understand your growth.

Be proud of all that you are.

A lot of people take on the new year focusing on the future, but without the past we don’t know where we need to focus our efforts.

So I want you to look back on the past year, take inventory on all of the good in that year, and build from there.

Leave the negativity out. We all have bad days, times, years, or longer. We aren’t concerned with that right now.

You didn’t eat the healthiest all day every day? But you did change how you ate breakfast, right?

That’s your positive!

You didn’t get the raise you were looking for? But you did increase productivity and line yourself up for it this year, right?

That’s your positive!

There really is positive in every situation.

Sometimes it’s hard to find it.

Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to.

But it’s there.

So look at all the good and proud of yourself.

For ALL of that!

Published on: Jan 01, 2016

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