Shoulder IR

Shoulder Internal Rotation (IR) is a key piece of mobility that a lot of us are missing but we don’t necessarily know it.

By LeighAnn Clark

If you aren’t sure whether your IR is lacking, test out the S mobility drill and check out the range of motion in your bottom arm. The goal is to reach the bottom arm as close as you can to your mid-back or higher if you can. Chances are one arm will have better IR than the other, but if you find that there is a significant difference between the two arms, or if you notice that either or both arms are nowhere near your mid back, then IR is something that you will want to work on improving.

The reason that this is so important is that if we are missing any of our IR, it can lead to unhealthy compensation patterns like allowing the shoulder to roll forward. The last thing we need is a shoulder injury when we try to compensate on a high pull or a clean.

To clean up your shoulders IR, check out my video for a couple of exercises to help you improve your range of motion!

Shoulder IR

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