Is It Your Pecs?

_52a4031-copyIs It Your Pecs?

By LeighAnn Clark


You may have never paid much attention to your pectoralis major and minor muscles outside of being instructed to perform a chest press. What you may not realize is how important a role they play in other movement patterns. Some of us who experience difficulty with our shoulders, whether discomfort or trouble with our range of motion, etc, are actually experiencing tightness in our pecs that lead to movement compensations and discomfort.

The first thing we can do, any person can, is just test to see how your hands naturally fall when you stand up tall. This static postural assessment can tell us a lot about what’s going on in the body. In this particular case, it can tell us whether or not our shoulders are rounded forward due to pec tightness,

Once you have determined whether or not your pecs are the culprit, I will take you through a series of exercises to inhibit and lengthen the pecs, and then activate the muscles that have become underactive due to the overactivity in your pecs.

Check out my video for more information!


Is It Your Pecs?




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