Best Me Yet Results, Sandra

Best Me Yet Results, Sandra

By Kena Perry.

Member: Sandra Davis

Over the course of the 10 week challenge, Sandra experienced amazing results. She lost 9.5 lbs of body weight and 10.6 lbs of body fat mass. She also dropped her body fat percentage by 5% and increased her skeletal muscle mass by over .5 lbs! Not only did Sandra see great results on the scale, but she also made major lifestyle changes. She refrained from drinking any alcohol for the entire 10 weeks and mentioned that she no longer felt the need to drink and party on the weekends.

During the program, she had plenty of obstacles to overcome, like staying in New York City for a few days, but she made good food choices that supported her goals and the scale reflected that. Not only did Sandra see results on the scale, but her performance in workouts greatly improved. Her focus on nutrition allowed her to gain muscle mass and get stronger. Great job, Sandra!

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