Best Me Yet Results, Ali

Best Me Yet Results, Ali

By LeighAnn Clark.

Member: Ali Wuchert

Ali was having a little trouble sticking to her meal plans initially with a few life events that got in the way, but she told me it was important to her to find a way to stay on track, and so started her journey. As she was getting better about following her meal plans, she started noticing how much stronger she was feeling in her large group training. She had a few more road bumps trying to figure out how to get all of her food in in a day, but one thing she didn’t do is quit. Then the day came; I got the email, “I ATE ALL FOUR MEALS A DAY SINCE THURSDAY!” That was a huge breakthrough. This was the first time she had really committed and done what she had set out to do.

Ali started feeling more and more confident, and you could see it in her. She was ready to take on the second half of the phase now that she knew what she needed to do. She said she was feeling good, her energy was up, she was sleeping better and every morning she woke up feeling ready for the day. She was very proud when people were starting to see the change in her. She fit into pants that she hadn’t worn in 3 years, and she was seeing more and more progress in her training.

The last correspondence she and I had was one of complete happiness and satisfaction; “YAY FOR STICKING WITH THIS FOR 10 WEEKS! I’m actually pretty proud of myself for sticking with it and seeing it actually work. I never stuck with it long enough to see it work but I’m glad I did and I’m totally going to keep going with it!

Awesome work Ali, we know you’ll keep doing amazing things!

Before / After
Before / After

Here’s what Ali had to say about the program:

“I’ve started best me yet a few times but never fully committed to the 10 week program. I found myself always making excuses, from being too tired after a day of work or not having time to meal prep. This time I decided to fully commit to the meal plan and to the workouts. I made time for grocery shopping and meal prepping twice a week. Making sure to always have meals ready for the week made a huge difference, especially on the weekends. While weighing and measuring and cooking all takes time, it’s worth every second. I stopped making excuses and started making time for myself when it came to the program this time and it worked for me. No magic, just dedication and patience.” – Ali

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