I Eat What I Want

I Eat What I Want

By Michael Harland

Today’s blog kind of carries on from my last one in regards to having my own meal plans and coach. One of the biggest things we hear is how hard it is to eat healthy, how there’s no variety, and how it gets boring.


I eat absolutely anything I want. I also only eat foods that I like. I also eat A LOT of food. I would never force myself to eat things I didn’t like or that didn’t taste good. The trick… to make an effort to learn how to cook well.

Have you ever just not liked eating what you cooked, so instead you run out and grab something? We all have. Well, what did you get? Chicken? Steak? Fish or salad or anything similar? Whatever it was, you could have made it yourself.

You see, chicken is chicken is chicken. That’s right, the restaurants don’t have magical chickens, they’re just regular old chickens. They’ve just prepared them well.

Healthy eating can be fun AND taste good. you just have to experiment with seasonings and styles of cooking. Need a resource for this? You have access to the internet! If you’re reading this then you can simply create a new tab, hit up YouTube, or google recipes. It really is that simple.








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