Shoulder Swimmer Mobility

proper_breathingBy Coach LeighAnn

This shoulder “swimmer” mobility is another way to really dig into the muscle tissues to work out the knots in order to loosen up the entire shoulder complex.

Shoulder mobility is key to a lot of movements; overhead presses, push ups, even squats. Not to mention how important improving shoulder mobility is to overall shoulder health.

The key to this one is to move slowly and find your tough spots. Only you know where they are, so make sure that you spend a little time in different places on the shoulder and the pec to find the spots that need help the most. The more painful areas are the ones that require the most amount of work.

When you find the spot that works, spend a little extra time there and complete a few more reps. Try the outward scoop as well as the overhead to find which movement provides you with the most opportunity to loosen the knots.

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