Banded Bully

proper_breathingBy Coach LeighAnn.

Attach a band to a secure point; a pole, rogue rack, pull-up bars, etc. Make sure that it is attached at a higher point. Pick a thicker band that will provide you with a good amount of resistance like a yellow or purple band or higher.

Hook your shoulder into the band. Same hand comes behind the back. Rotate your arm behind your back so that your hand is resting on your low back, your thumb is up, and your palm is facing away from you.

Pull that shoulder down and back and lean into the stretch, leading with the opposite leg. You can always increase the stretch by picking up a heavier band or just taking a few steps forward. Once you are in a good position, hold it for about 30 seconds.

Once you are comfortable with the position, you can add a little more movement to increase the stretch. The first thing you can try is adding a head tilt to get a little bit more into the scalenes. Tilt the head away from the band; you can also use your fingertips to lightly tilt your head even further away, just make sure you’re not putting a ton of pressure on your head, just enough to slightly increase the stretch.

Next, try adding more movement at the arm to turn it into a dynamic stretch. Rather than standing with your hand planted on your back, start with your arm in a neutral position and slowly sweep the arm behind your back. Much like our S Mobility, increase your range of motion with every rep so that your hand ends higher on your back every time.

Published on: Mar 03, 2017

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