Glute Activation for Knee Pain

We focus a lot of our energy on mobility when we are preparing ourselves to train.


By LeighAnn Clark

Mobility is incredibly important because we need to make sure that the muscles are ready to move through a full range of motion, but activation is a huge component as well. Typically in our class setting, we will set you up with general activation that will help the majority of people, but if you have a specific injury or pain that you are working around, you may need more than what we will prescribe to the masses.

When talking about knee pain, there are many different factors that can lead to knee pain, one of those can be tightnesses in various surrounding muscles, but it can also be caused by weakness in surrounding muscles. In this case, we are looking at how weakness in the glutes can cause knee pain.

Check out my video on how to activate and strengthen the glutes to alleviate knee pain!

Glute Activation for Knee Pain

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