Squat Hack

The squat has so many bits and pieces to it; lock the abs, tuck the hips, eyes up, chest up, shoulders back, knees in line with the toes, etc.


By LeighAnn Clark

It can be a lot to try to remember all of these cues. One important detail of our squat that we tend to miss is the knees tracking over the toes, as opposed to letting them cave in. This is very important to maintain because we need to make sure that the glutes can activate in our squat, and we also need to make sure that we aren’t compensating with our knees to finish our squats because we don’t want to face knee pain down the road. The easiest way to accomplish this piece is by using tactile reinforcement with a miniband.

Check out my video to see how to use the miniband to keep the knees tracking over the toes!

Squat Hack

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