Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

By Michael Harland

Recently, we’ve heard a lot of our members mention that they wanted some help to stay on track/get back on track. So, we just decided to run a quick (5-week) summer challenge!

This challenge will be open to all current training clients, along with anyone starting a trial next training phase. Here are the different tiers:

$29 – This is for anyone that participated in our last challenge and has all of the other nutritional resources.

$49 – This is for anyone that has participated in any other challenge previously and still has their nutritional resources.

$99 – This is for anyone that has never participated in a challenge with us and needs the 3-tier meal plans that we use. If you are a current member, you will receive all 3 phases of the meal plans we use. If you are a new trial member you will get 5 weeks of unlimited training with us, plus the 1st phase of our meal plans.

The main focus of this program will be accountability. For this, it will be emails, check-ins, and things of that nature. We will also update our private Facebook group for you. Along with that, we will have an InBody scan at this Recovery Week and next Recovery Week.

So if you’re looking to get on track, get back on track, be surrounded by others, lose a few pounds and jump-start your summer, send us an email so that we can get you signed up!


Important Dates:

InBody – Tuesday July 3rd (before) & August 7th (after) from 5:45 am – 10 am & 4 pm – 7 pm

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