Client Expectations

Client Expectations

By Michael Harland

Recently I wrote about expectations and left out one important group of people to have expectations for…

My clients.

You see, they absolutely have expectations of 1. Me as a coach and 2. Our program as a whole.

They want to achieve and accomplish very difficult goals. They also expect that we are going to reach these goals, no matter what. Here are some other things they expect:

To do this without pain or injury

To enjoy their experience every time they enter the door

To be lead by highly educated coaches

To get answers to any questions they have

And so much more.

I as a person, and we as a program understand the wants and needs of every person we work with, but those are some big items to live up to. Because of this I/we have our own set of expectations.

One of the biggest expectations I personally have is that we have an honest relationship.

I don’t care if someone has a weight loss goal of 40 pounds and then goes out drinking and smashing pizzas all night…

I care if they didn’t own up to and talk to me about it.

You see, there’s no way I can help someone accomplish what they want without their honesty and a whole heart committed to me or our program.

What are some other expectations I have?

A strong work ethic. I don’t care what someone’s ability is. Whether you can squat 5 pounds or 500 pounds doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you give me everything you can, every time we work together.

There’s definitely more, but with those 2 things, we can make anything happen. I absolutely guarantee it.









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