And The Winner Is!!!


By Michael Harland

We have wanted to show off these pictures since the day they were taken! Andrea, our first place winner, did an absolutely amazing job and we couldn’t be more proud of her or happy for her.

Before I give you her stats, I wanted to share something with you first. Andrea had actually been a member of ours years ago and back then she had made a considerable transformation. We closed the facility she was training at and unfortunately, at that time, she wasn’t able to continue training with us.

After some length of time, and other programs, she returned to A|M Fitness. When she started the challenge she told me one thing – “I am going to win this!” – and that she did!

Andrea and I had interactions throughout the entire program. We talked about her training, when it was time to switch up her nutrition, stress, and so much more. Everything she needed to make changes or adjustments to, she did, and she stuck to those changes the entire 10 weeks.

So, what was she able to accomplish during the Best Me Yet transformation program? Well, she lost 10.7% of her body fat and 23 pounds total!

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