My Summit Experience – Mike

My Summit Experience

By Michael Harland

For the rest of this week, we will be posting blogs from each of our coaches describing their experiences and takeaways from the Perform Better Training Summit this year. I’ve read them all and love what each of them wrote, along with everything they gained from their time away.

I’d like to start with what I got from this weekend. While I missed Friday due to coaching all day, I was able to make it up on Saturday and Sunday. From my time there, my biggest takeaway was the reminder of how great this team is. The education and passion they all contain are of the absolute highest quality.

Education – The breakout sessions everyone picked were presented by some of the best in the industry. The content they consumed was high level and takes an already strong education to simply understand, let alone take home and apply.

Passion – The team was excited about the entire weekend. Excited to spend time together, excited to learn, excited to grow, excited to take all of this back with them and share it with you. You can see that they truly love what they do and the people that they do it for.

Movement – I am throwing this one in only because we all had the opportunity to see how people move. Many of the breakout sessions were hands-on and required the participants to move. The team understood each movement pattern presented to them and were able to carry it out flawlessly. When we looked around the room, the same couldn’t be said for everyone. And that’s not to dig at them, maybe some of those people hadn’t been around as long our team or maybe they were brand new to the industry, but it was reassuring to watch our crew standout among the others.

I’ll finish this with my favorite experience of the weekend. It was when we were all able to go out to dinner and just be people together. We ate good food, shared stories, laughed, and had an amazing night. From there we walked over and watched the lighting of Waterfire.

It was a great night, it was a great weekend, and I hope you all take a few moments to read each coaches story.








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