3rd Place Winner (Part 2) – Missy

3rd Place Winner (Part 2) – Missy

By Michael Harland

Dedication, commitment, work ethic, and a desire to be her best brought Missy into this prize. Despite a crazy nurses work schedule, she managed to get her workouts in, do some extra cardio outside of A|M Fitness, cook and prep her meals, and actually stick to them!

Anyone in the healthcare field knows how difficult this can be. When you’re on shift, it’s nonstop. This means that keeping a meal schedule is extremely difficult, so making sure you take in your caloric requirements is extremely difficult. On top of this, there’s always unhealthy food left out for the employees to pick at, so overcoming these temptations is another obstacle to deal.

Despite this, Missy managed to increase her muscle mass by almost 2 pounds, decrease her body fat percentage by almost 11%, losing a total of 16 pounds!

Congratulations Missy!

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