Why I Relay

Why I Relay – Spencer

Why I Relay By: Spencer Ingvertsen When I was in middle school I did relay for life to be able to spend an entire day with all my friends, to be able to sleep in a tent and to be able to stay up all night without getting into trouble by my parents. I would…

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Why I Relay – Nicole

Why I Relay By Nicole Riley Why I Relay… Cancer has affected me more times than I would like to say. I have lost a mother-in-law and father-in-law, an aunt then a grandmother just about a year later, and most recently a close family friend. One of my first interactions with someone close that had…

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Why I Relay – Jen

Why I Relay By Jen Adorno For me, cancer has been something that has been up close and personal my entire life. My maternal grandfather died of lung cancer when I was just a baby and my maternal grandmother died of breast cancer. My uncle also died of lung cancer and my aunt (who is…

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Why I Relay – Claire

Why I Relay By Claire DiCenzo When Mike asked me to write a blog post about “Why I Relay,” I immediately agreed but then I had to take a step back. I really had to think about why I choose to participate in an event like this. I guess those of us at AM Fitness…

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