Why I Relay – Spencer

Why I Relay

By: Spencer Ingvertsen

When I was in middle school I did relay for life to be able to spend an entire day with all my friends, to be able to sleep in a tent and to be able to stay up all night without getting into trouble by my parents. I would walk around the track at the high school and see all of the white bags lit up in honor of the survivors, and in memory of those who lost their battle. At that age, I never really thought about how many people are affected when someone has cancer. Cancer doesn’t just affect the individual who has the disease, it affects their family members, their loved ones, their friends and even those who may have only met them one time. I relay to honor those who I have lost and to fight for a cure. I relay for my grandmother and grandfather that I never had the chance to meet. I relay in memory of my Aunt Jane who passed away.

This year I relay for my cousin Jen, who in August of 2016 was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma. Jen has been responding very well to treatment, treatments that weren’t available a few years ago. Jen is more just a cousin to me, she is like a sister. I relay to show Jen that she isn’t fighting this alone, that I will fight beside her, that the whole A|M Fitness community will fight with her.

I am raising money to support the fighters. Admiring the survivors. Honor the taken. To show that we will never stop fighting for a cure.

Are you going to fight with me?!

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