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Why I Relay

By Claire DiCenzo

When Mike asked me to write a blog post about “Why I Relay,” I immediately agreed but then I had to take a step back. I really had to think about why I choose to participate in an event like this.

I guess those of us at AM Fitness who are lucky enough to call ourselves survivors know first-hand why we would choose to participate in such an emotionally moving event. It is not about the money raised for me, but rather about celebrating what everyone calls “the fight.”

“The fight” is just that. A mental game about cancer that is meant to challenge your preconceived notions about yourself. Until you have heard your doctor say, “You have cancer,” you never really know how strong you are physically and mentally. Nothing ever will challenge your body and mind like the “fight” that cancer brings you. But, nonetheless, it is how you handle it in the face of darkness.

So, I relay for those that have felt the pain of the beginning of “the fight,” those who are currently in the middle of that mental and physical “fight,” and those who unfortunately lost the fight too soon.

I am three and half years post my breast cancer treatment, but cancer will continue to be a part of my life and it is because of this that I will always find time to share my story with others. That is why I relay.

Diagnosed at 29. Claire, 33, from Cheshire.

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