No More New Year, New You

We all know that the New Years holiday brings resolutions revolving around a “new me”.


By Mike Harland

Well, not at A|M Fitness. Don’t get me wrong, we are definitely encouraging people to work on themselves, but what our focus is on is our “best me”. That’s the reason why our annual transformation program is titled “Best Me Yet”.

What we try to do with this is simple. What we don’t do is a little more difficult to understand, though. You see, most programs are trying to entice their prospects with dreams of quick fixes and magic products. They feed off of the latest trend or fad and show pictures of the amazing things they accomplish. The funny part is, though, that most of the time the pictures being shown aren’t even of their own clients. It’s of other peoples clients that took the same product and accomplished something. Now, if this isn’t false advertising, I don’t know what would be.

We don’t promise that. We don’t rely on the latest fad or trend or product. We do what we know is right for our client and for their long-term success. We let it be known that it is going to take hard work, dedication, good weeks and bad weeks, stress, difficulty, and for you to commit to a lifestyle change.

No product can beat out lifestyle. No pill can outlive hard work. Stop being sold on these quick fix things and accept that if you want to look and feel a certain way, you have to live a certain way.

So how does our program differ?

1. It starts with the workouts. We offer up to 6 training sessions a week for our people. With every session, our clients are working with our Transformation Coaches. We’re here to make sure you are moving properly and to provide motivation and encouragement.

2. We use detailed meal plans with different phases for weight loss. We want our clients to understand what it will take a while eating real food for them to accomplish their goals. We also want to provide them with the information they need to stay successful far after they have accomplished their goals.
You see, most of the programs promote quick fixes and provide nothing for long-term, sustainable success. So what happens once you lose your 10 pounds? Are you just expected to keep purchasing their product forever? Are you to believe that a shake or pill is really supposed to be taken for the rest of your life? Do you actually believe that yourself?

3. Our coaches are designated “teams”. We break our large group up into smaller groups and provide different motivational, educational material to further help our clients. We are also your 24/7 resource for ANY questions you might have regarding any part of the program.

4. We provide private emails and groups for our clients to interact with people on the exact same journey. No judgments, just a support system of like-minded people offering help, advice, and support.
Our goal is not for you to create a new you. Nope. It’s for you to create your best you. You see, we believe that you’re already pretty great, we just need to make a few changes for us to become our #bestmeyet

Follow the link to see everything our program has to offer.


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