YET 5.0

Develop habits for
long-term success

Our Best Me Yet Transformation Challenge is back.

This time with a revamped approach to our meal plans (with 3 phases), workshops, and private groups.

You'll be given the tools necessary to develop habits for long-term success. Our goal is to create lifestyles that are manageable, healthy, and happy. We want to help build the strategies for you to accomplish your fitness goals.

January 21, 2019 - March 31, 2019


January 15th
10 am | 7 pm

January 17th
10 am | 7 pm

January 19th
9 am

Why best me yet 5.0?

It’s almost January and you know what that means?
Packed gyms and people aimlessly walking on the treadmill. Well, not at A|M Fitness!

What comes with the program?

New! Revamped Nutrition

Our newly revamped nutrition will have meal plans based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This calculation factors in age, weight, height, and activity to discover your caloric needs. We then set caloric intake based on goals, adding or subtracting calories to reach your desired goal. 

Orange Ginger Marinated Salmon

NEW! Cooking Classes

Last year we hired a company to help us learn how to prepare tasty meals based on our meal plans. This was one of the most popular parts of our program and we will be learning new meals at each cooking class offered this year. *extra fee applies

NEW! Check-in Protocol

We're adding a new check-in protocol to our program. This will allow you to have more access to our coaches, as well as better guidance throughout the entire program. With this, we will be more closely monitoring things like your weight, energy, stress, and more. With us having more information, we will be able to more specifically guide your results!

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Done For You Meal Plans

We've hired an expert dietitian to create meal plans that are easy to follow and contain all of the information you need to create a successful, delicious menu.

24/7 Access To Our Coaching Staff

You will be assigned to one of our coaches and have the ability to communicate with them as often as you need. This means you can ask for guidance with your workout, nutrition, or anything else you may need help with.


InBody 570 at A|M Fitness

We will use the InBody body composition scanner 3 times during the Best Me Yet program. This will take place at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the program. It will allow us to see exactly what's happening with your body fat and lean body tissue. Understanding this information will help us to make the proper changes to your meal plans, which will help you get to your goals faster.

Before & After Photos

A professional photographer will take before and after pictures to show your transformation at A|M Fitness. At the end of the program, we will email you all of your weight loss stats and photos.

Best Me Yet Transformation
Private Emails

Private Emails For Participants

We want to offer our community tips and advice that will help guarantee your success. These emails will provide vital information to get the most out of the program. We will also be sending you information on important habits to focus on and address.

Member's Only Facebook Group

Our Members Only Facebook group is an A|M Fitness community that offers inspiration, recipes, and member questions to support you throughout the program.

Programming & Tracking Sheets

Programming & Tracking Sheets

We will also be sending you tracking sheets to help you make sure to stay on track with your nutrition, as well as the workouts with space to record what you’ve done from week to week.

Group Outings

We will schedule 2 fun group outings for our Best Me Yet participants. These will be fun, active events that allow us to have some fun together outside of the training facility! Last year the trampoline park was our favorite! *extra fee applies.



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Proven Success

We have proven year after year that we are the leader in delivering the results you are looking for!



Max, 2018 Winner*



Kendra, 2018 Winner*



Eric, 2018 Winner*



Angel, 2018 Winner*

*At the end of the program, we choose 3 people that have stood out. The selection is based on weight loss, change in measurements, along with participation in all of our community building efforts.



Everything individually priced would total over an $899 value, but our program doesn’t cost anywhere near that.

Current Members
Previous BMY Particpants
Current Members
First Time BMY Participants
Early Bird Special
Sign Up Before January 1, 2019
$49 (plus tax)
Early Bird Special
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Early Bird Special
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$99 (plus tax)
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$119 (plus tax)
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$149 (plus tax)

*cost includes 1 phase of unlimited training and the 1st phase of meal plans, 2x inbody scans

**Non-Members will receive 5 weeks of training and the first phase of nutrition documents, plus everything else listed above. To receive the final nutrition documents and last 5 weeks of training for the challenge it will require signing up for a membership.


Fill out the form and our Membership Experience Director will contact you shortly to finish signing up.