Where do you go from there?

Where do you go from there?

By Michael Harland.

Well, it’s February, and everyone’s completely changed their lives… right?

They’ve gone from sitting around and eating what they want to max effort exercise and trying to hit a PR every workout…

They’ve heard the magic number for calories is 1,200 and keto is a thing now, so they’ve dropped every bit of carbs possible along with their calories…

That’s great and all – I mean I truly applaud anyone that has made the decision to better themselves, but there’s a strategy to it.

Work on the basics; develop an exercise routine and grow into it, understand your calorie needs and slowly start taking away calories.

Every day, every week, every month – just try to be a little bit better. It’s not all or nothing and it’s not all going to happen tomorrow, so don’t rush the process.

Also, don’t get frustrated when big changes don’t happen every week.

That’s not reality.

The reality is that it’s a grind. It’s showing up every day, putting in the work, being consistent, and making it a lifestyle.

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