5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds

5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds

By Michael Harland

“Your gym is so far!” Well, Southington, CT client Melissa seems to think the drive to Plainville isn’t that bad. Especially after losing 15.7 pounds in only 5 weeks!

Let’s start back from the beginning… Melissa actually did a trial with us a couple of years ago. Back then, it just wasn’t the right time to commit to our program. Fast forward a couple of years and Melissa decided to give us another shot. She actually came back with a couple of friends, all of which have been very consistent with their 5:45 am training sessions.

In our last training phase, we offered an intensive program that helped with nutrition and had check-ins with me 3x weekly. She was all in and CRUSHED it! During the program, Melissa ended up losing a total of 15.7 pounds and dropped her total body fat percentage by 2.3%.

Something else that makes this incredible is the fact that she was still able to have her cheat meals, went on vacation, and enjoyed her life. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Balancing healthy living with an enjoyable life? I think so.

Melissa, we’re all so proud of you for your commitment and dedication. I also can’t wait to see the progress that continues to happen.

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